The BacALD Study: Baclofen in the treatment of liver disease

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1 in 10 Australian adults consume alcohol at levels that are risky for liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease is the leading cause of alcohol-related death in Australia. Abstinence from alcohol is crucial in reducing morbidity and mortality associated with the disease. However, specific treatments for alcohol use disorders in those with significant liver disease have been lacking. There is recent clinical evidence to indicate that the medicate, baclofen, which is safe on the liver, has therapeutic value in alcohol dependence. 

The University of Sydney is currently offering a 12 week treatment program for people with alcoholic liver disease. This includes:

~ Medical assessments by our specialises plus monitoring of liver function symptoms

~ 12 weeks of free medication

~ Up to 8 brief counseling sessions. 

Would the program suit me?

~ Is it becoming difficult to cut down or control your drinking?

~ Have you been drinking regularly (>4 drinks per day) for at least 10 years?

~ Do you suffer from (or suspect you may have) liver disease?

~ Are you willing to participate in a randomised controlled trial? 

Does this sound like you? For more information, visit the project website, speak to a team member on (02) 9515 3636 or email Participants will be reimbursed for their time and travel costs. 


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