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Who we are

The Prevention and Early Intervention in Mental Illness and Substance Use Centre of Research Excellence (PREMISE) was funded in 2018 by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council.

The objective of the PREMISE CRE is to provide a world first synergy of the leading prevention and early intervention research and translation programs in mental health and addiction across five Australian universities (UNSW Sydney, The University of Melbourne, The University of Newcastle, Deakin University and The University of Sydney).

It provides the opportunity for researchers currently working independently across the areas of addiction, depression, suicide, anxiety, and psychosis to share skills, networks and innovations, synergise data, establish new trials and translate evidence into practice.

Our vision is that world-class, innovative, evidence-based prevention and early intervention for substance use and mental disorders is available to all young Australians.



PREMISE is a Centre of Research Excellence funded by the NHMRC and Directed by Professor Maree Teesson AC.  

The strategic direction of PREMISE is guided by the PREMISE Executive comprised of Professor Maree Teesson, Professor Patrick McGorry, Professor Helen Christensen, A/Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin, A/Professor Nicola Newton, A/Professor Katherine Mills, A/Professor Cathrine Mihalopoulos, A/Professor Tim Slade, Dr Cath Chapman and A/Professor Andrew Baillie. The Executive makes decisions regarding the prioritisation and implementation of research and the administration of funds and ensures that the key objectives of PREMISE are being met.

PREMISE is in the process of establishing a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). The YAB will provide input into the governance and research priorities of PREMISE and contribute to specific youth focused research projects.

PREMISE Program Director, Dr Cath Chapman oversees the activities and strategic development of the CRE. The Program Director is supported by the Senior Leadership Advisory Group (A/Prof Frances Kay-Lambkin, A/Prof Nicola Newton, A/Prof Katherine Mills, A/Prof Tim Slade) who provide strategic and operational oversight for the CRE.