Ms Stacey McCraw
University of New South Wales, Sydney
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+02 9385 0208
+02 9385 0222
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Clinical Psychologist

Stacey joined NDARC in 2016 as a part-time Clinical Psychologist to assist with a longitudinal study of alcohol use in adolescents (‘RADAR’). She holds a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Psychology Honours) from the UNSW, Sydney (2006) and a Master of Clinical Psychology from Macquarie University (2016).

Since 2006, Stacey has been involved with research projects investigating the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of memory impairment, bipolar disorder, depression, psychosis and anxiety disorders, primarily through roles within the UNSW School of Psychiatry and mostly based at the Black Dog Institute. 

Stacey has also undertaken clinical work with adults, children and families who are seeking psychological therapy for a range of difficulties (such as anxiety and relationship distress) at several clinics in government, University and community settings. Stacey currently provides clinical psychology services privately at Holdsworth House Medical Practice.