Ms Sarah Masters
University of New South Wales
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Research Psychologist

Sarah Masters is a Research Psychologist on an NHMRC funded randomised controlled trial of Behavioural Activation Therapy for individuals with co-morbid depression and substance use disorders. Sarah completed her Master of Psychology (Clinical) at Macquarie University in 2014. During the Master degree her research focused on mindfulness and equanimity in substance use disorders, considering the literature regarding the role of the insula/interoception and self-awareness in substance craving, and the relevance of equanimity (calmness, non-reactivity) and mindfulness as correlates of craving and substance use. Sarah also works as a psychologist/assessor linking clients with health and psychosocial barriers to workforce services and encouraging their motivation and commitment to workforce and treatment engagement.

Sarah’s areas of interest include mindfulness, CBT, behavioural strategies, motivational interviewing, and schema therapies, and their applications for substance use disorders and other psychological difficulties.