Ms Kathryn Woodcock
University of New South Wales, Sydney
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PhD Student

Kathryn Woodcock commenced working as a Research Assistant for Dr Frances Kay-Lambkin and Professor Amanda Baker in April 2011 following the completion of Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)(Hons) degree.  Over the next two years, Kathryn worked across a number of projects relating to comorbid mental health and substance abuse including the Self Help for Alcohol and Depression trial and The Healthy Lifestyles Project. She is currently a PhD candidate with the School of Public Health and Community Medicine (UNSW, Sydney) and was awarded a scholarship through the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales,Sydney.

Kathryn, under the supervision of Dr Frances Kay-Lambkin, Dr Katherine Mills, Professor Maree Teesson, Professor Amanda Baker and Associate Prof Peter Stanwell is working on a project that is looking to developing an online intervention for comorbid posttraumatic stress symptoms and substance use in a veteran population.


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