Ms Erin Kelly
University of New South Wales
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+61 2 9385 0143
+61 2 9385 0222
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Research Psychologist & PhD Candidate

Erin Kelly is a registered Clinical Psychologist, currently employed as a Research Psychologist on an NHMRC funded randomised controlled trial of a substance use prevention program in adolescents. Erin has almost 10 years experience in drug and alcohol research, having been involved in a wide array of studies at NDARC, including a longitudinal birth cohort examining biopsychosocial factors related to the health and development of Australian children and families, suicide risk assessment in Australian drug and alcohol treatment services, methamphetamine use and treatment, treatment of comorbid amphetamine use and depression, and drug use and driving. Her main areas of interest include prevention and treatment of comorbid mental health and drug use problems.

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