Dr Matthew Sunderland
University of New South Wales, Sydney
Contact Details
+61 2 9385 0106
+61 2 9385 0222
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Research Fellow

Matthew is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre working within the Centre for Research Excellence in Mental Health and Substance Use. Matthew's main research interests include psychometrics, psychopathology, and epidemiology. In particular, he is interested in developing efficient diagnostic instruments for co-morbid conditions using underlying dimensional constructs (internalising, externalising, thought disorders, etc) as the guiding theoretical framework. Matthew is also interested in applying various statistical techniques (latent variable models, network models, cluster analysis, etc) to existing epidemiological data to determine how and why co-morbidity occurs both at the disorder and symptom level in the general population. Other projects include epidemiology of mood and anxiety disorders and developing short form and adaptive mental health assessment tools for ehealth applications.