Dr Glenys Dore
Northern Sydney Drug and Alcohol Service and University of Sydney
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Associate Investigator

Dr Dore has specialized in both General Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine for more than 20 years. Her clinical work, teaching and research have focused on the assessment and management of patients with comorbidity (co-existing substance use and mental health disorders) during this time. She has been an invited expert on many panels on comorbidity, and has presented material from her clinical work and research at many comorbidity forums. 

For many years she has coordinated the teaching of medical students in a range of Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services. In 2006 she was awarded the prize for best teacher in Psychological Medicine, Northern Sydney Clinic School. 

She was the Chair of the Pharmacotherapy Credentialling Subcommittee for NSW Health from 2004 – 2011, a committee responsible for the accreditation and regulation of doctors prescribing pharmacotherapies (methadone and buprenorphine) for opioid dependence.

She has been the Clinical Director for the Northern Sydney Drug and Alcohol Service since June 2006, and in this role has been collaborating with a number of research organisations evaluating prevalence and evidence based treatments for comorbidity (particularly post-traumatic stress disorder and depression), as well as the impact of alcohol dependence on the young adult and adult brain. In 2011, she published a paper in Alcohol and Alcoholism reporting the clinical experience in a case series of complex patients with psychiatric comorbidity and alcohol dependence, treated with low and high dose baclofen.

In 2012, she coordinated the establishment of the Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program (IDAT) at the Herbert Street Clinic, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. This program provides comprehensive treatment for patients with severe substance dependence who require involuntary care to reduce the risk of serious harm related to their substance use.

She is also a Consultant Psychiatrist for the NSW Medical Council, assessing and monitoring impaired doctors as part of the Health Program.