NHMRC TRIP Fellowship awarded to Dr Lexine Stapinski

NHMRC TRIP Fellowship awarded to Dr Lexine Stapinski

13 Feb 2017
Dr Lexine Stapinski
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Congratulations to Dr Lexine Stapinski on being awarded an NHMRC Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellowship.

Title: Empowering young people to make positive health choices: Translation of evidence-based drug and alcohol prevention to Australian adolescents

Alcohol and other drug use are among the leading causes of disease burden for young Australians, and the choices young people make can have profound effects for many years to come. To reduce this substantial burden, effective prevention and early intervention is crucial. This project addresses a known gap in the implementation of evidence-based drug prevention in Australian schools and responds to a recent call from Australian principals for additional resources to support schools in building capacity to respond to drug and alcohol issues.

NHMRC TRIP Fellowships provide support for health care professionals, health care personnel, health systems personnel, health researchers and health policy makers to translate evidence into health care and public health improvements.