Webinar: What can parents do to prevent teenage substance use?

Webinar: What can parents do to prevent teenage substance use?

25 May 2017
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Thursday 27th April 2017, 11am

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The high prevalence of comorbidity means that alcohol and other drug (AOD) workers are frequently faced with the need to manage complex psychiatric symptoms that may interfere with their ability to treat clients’ AOD use. To assist AOD workers manage the significant challenge of treating clients with co-occurring mental health conditions, in 2014, the Australian Government Department of Health funded the development of the “Guidelines on the management of co-occurring alcohol and other drug and mental health conditions in alcohol and other drug treatment settings (2nd edition)”

The Guidelines aim to increase knowledge and awareness of comorbid mental health conditions in AOD treatment settings, improve confidence and skills of AOD workers, increase uptake of evidence-based care, and ultimately, improve outcomes for people with comorbid mental health conditions.


This webinar may be of particular interest to anyone working in an AOD setting in a clinical capacity, as well as university or TAFE students studying courses in mental health or AOD, but may also be of interest to those working in the mental health sector or the health sector more broadly.


This webinar will lead to:

·         Understanding of what is comorbidity, why it occurs, and why it is concerning;

·         Improved awareness of how to access a range of evidence-based options for identifying, managing and treating mental health symptoms within a holistic health care approach;

·         Understanding of involving multiple services and integrated care coordination;

·         Awareness of the online training program for AOD workers.

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