Pure Rush: Online Drug Education Game

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Pure Rush is an educational game that offers a unique, interactive and fun approach to drug education. Players learn about the negative effects of illegal drugs as they navigate through suburban, outback and cityscapes to get to a music festival. Avoiding drugs is the key to success as players race for the best “Pure Rush” time. Secondary school teachers will find this game useful in supporting Health and Physical Education lessons, and feedback from students indicates they love playing it. The game was developed by the CRE and educational game designers 2and2 in consultation with young people and funded by the Australian government Department of Health.

To read the facts behind Pure Rush and access additional drug education resources, visit the Positive Choices drug prevention portal and the Climate Schools Health and Wellbeing courses.

Click here to play Pure Rush

Note: For smoother gameplay, reduce window size. Not suitable for older browsers (e.g., internet explorer 8 and earlier). 

image - Pure Rush: Online Drug Education Gameimage - Pure Rush: Online Drug Education Game