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image - For the PublicThe CRE is committed to making our research findings accessible to the general public. Through this portal you can access our quarterly newsletters, find out about projects you can participate in and look through our information booklets on comorbidity. 




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Shade is a 10 week program for reducing drinking and helping with depression. Shade uses cognitive behaviour therapy control their substance use, alcohol use and mood. Our research shows that SHADE can help you reduce your drinking and improve your mood.

For further information on the SHADE proram contact Dr Frances Kay-Lambkin

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Climate Schools provides health education courses which aim to empower students to gain knowledge about their health and wellbeing. This knowledge will assist them in making positive and informed choices. The courses, known as modules, are based on realistic cartoon scenarios about teenagers and are designed to impart education about the use of alcohol and others drugs, the responsible consumption of alcohol, and ways to reduce alcohol and drug related harms.

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This paper, by Prof Maree Teesson and other members of the CREMS, was commissioned by the NSW Mental Health Commission to inform the development of the Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW - "Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014-2024".