Illegal Drug Fact Sheets

image - Fact SheetsPublished in 2014 and funded by the Australian government Department of Health, this series of fact sheets provides up-to-date, evidence-based information for the public about drugs and their effects.





image - Alcohol Copy

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in Australia. For more information about the effects and risks of alcohol, down load the fact sheet


Alchohol fact sheet

image - Substance Use In Pregnancy

Download this fact sheet for more information about different drugs and their effects during pregnancy. This factsheet will answer questions about whether different drugs are safe to use during pregnancy, safe for users to stop during pregancy, the effects they can have during pregnancy, the effects different drugs can have on the baby, and whether it is safe to use different drugs during breastfeeding. 


Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs During Pregnancy Fact Sheet

image - Benzodiazepines Copy

Benzodiazepines are also known as 'benzos' and are also a type of sedative. They may also be referred to as sleeping tablets or sleeping pills. Download the factsheet for more information about benzodiazepines, including the effects and risks of taking these drugs. 


Benzoiazepines Fact Sheet

image - Cocaine Copy

Cocaine is a short-acting stimulant and takes effects by increasing the amount of several neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. For more information on Cocaine, download the factsheet


Cocaine Fact Sheet

image - Drug And Law Factsheet Copy

This factsheet will answer the following questions and more, 

  • What do the drug offenses 'possession' and 'supply' mean? 
  • What will the police do if I'm caught with an illicit drug on me? Will I get a criminal record? 
  • How do the police and courts decide what is 'dealing'? And what is possession for personal use? 
  • What happens if I take drugs and drive? 
  • What rights do police have to stop and search me for drugs or paraphernalia? 
  • What happens if I am caught with something that isn't 'really' a drug? 
  • Is it legal to purchase or use 'legal highs'? 


Drugs and the Law Fact Sheet

image - Ecstasy %26 Pills Copy 0

Ecstasy was first used as a street drug in the 1980s and is usually sold in pill form, although it can also be sold as powder, crystals or in capsules. Pills usually have a logo stamped on them. However, two pills with the same logo may have different effects - they can come from different sources and have different ingredients. 

For more information about the effects and risks of ecstasy, download the factsheet. 


Ecstasy and Pills factsheet 

image - GHB Copy


GHB is a depressant drug, which means that it slows down the central nervous system. Problems with safety, including concerns about its use in date rape, have led to it being banned in several countries including Australia, where sale and possession is illegal. 

For more information on GHB, download the fact sheet


GHB Fact sheet

image - Hallucinogens Copy

Hallucinogens cause perceptual distortions such as hallucinations. The most commonly known synthetic hallucinogen is LSD. Naturally occuring hallucinogens include magic mushrooms, DMT, mescaline and salvia. To find out more about the different hallucinogens, their effects and the risks to taking them, read the fact sheet.


Hallucinogens Fact Sheet

image - Heroin Copy

Heroin and other opiates are depressant drugs. To find out about the effects and risks of heroin, including addiction, overdose, and withdrawal, download the fact sheet


Heroin fact sheet

image - Inhalants Copy

Inhalants, also known as volatile substances or solvents, are chemicals that evaporate and give off fumes at room temperature. These vapours can be inhaled through the nose and/or mouth to give the user an immediate 'high'. These substances are easily absorbed through the lungs and carried around the body, affecting areas such as the brain and liver. 

This factsheet gives information about the four main types of inhalants, rates of use, the effects of inhalants and the potential risks users face when using inhalents. Download the fact sheet to find out more. 


Inhalant fact sheet