In addition to making the findings of our research available in the scientific literature, an integral component of this CRE is the translation of these research findings into educational curricula, training programs and clinical resources, as well as resources for the general public.

CRE researchers have developed a number of resources for the general public, and for professionals working in fields who play a role in the prevention and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders (e.g., clinicians, allied health professionals, teachers).

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The CRE is committed to making our research findings accessible to the general public. Through this portal you can access our quarterly newsletters, find out about projects you can participate in and look through our information booklets on comorbidity.       
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From our rich epidemiological data, we know that comorbidity is so common in the general population that intervention needs to be available in everyday practice. We are committed to generating knowledge that improves health outcomes in settings where at risk individuals present for treatment. We...
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The CRE in Mental Health and Substance Use establishes the largest concentration of internationally recognised comorbidity researchers worldwide. The CRE provides an opportunity for researchers currently working in diagnostic silos (addiction, depression, anxiety and psychosis) to share skills,...
Published in 2014 and funded by the Australian government Department of Health, this series of fact sheets provides up-to-date, evidence-based information for the public about drugs and their effects.        

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