Parties, gatherings and sleepovers: How can parents keep their teens safe?

image - Teenage Parties

Presenter: Mr Paul Dillon

This webinar is for parents and guardians of teenagers who are looking for strategies to help keep their child safe at parties.

Teenage parties provide young people with valuable opportunities to develop a range of social skills that they need to relate effectively with their peers. As they get older alcohol is more likely to become a part of these social gatherings and, unfortunately, things can go wrong.

This presentation will examine what we know about school-based young people and alcohol use and its use at parties. It will also provide practical strategies and simple tips for parents considering allowing their teen to attend such events to help ensure they are as safe as possible.



This webinar will provide:

• information about teenage parties and the involvement of alcohol

• practical strategies and advice for parents to make sure their child is a safe as possible when attending a party


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Webinar Date
Wednesday 3rd October 2018 6:00pm AEST

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