Mobile Technologies and Health Survey

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Mobile devices, such as smartphones, have become an integral part of many people’s lives. Mobile technologies have been shown to be effective in improving physical activity, weight loss, alcohol use, smoking cessation, and mental health. The increasing ubiquity of smartphones and their portable nature also means they can be used to greatly increased the reach of health services.

Very little is known regarding the patterns of smartphone access and use among people with mental disorders, especially within an Australian context. Previous research has also suggested that some characteristics of mental disorders (e.g. paranoia, cognitive deficits and social withdrawal) may present barriers towards wide scale use of smartphones for health purposes among this population. There is also a paucity of research investigating user views towards mobile technologies and their specific features, such as context sensing features (e.g. GPS, accelerometer, ambient light sensor). This study aims to generate preliminary data regarding technology access, use and openness to use smartphones for health purposes among people with and without a history of mental illness, in an Australian context.

It will achieve this aim by recruiting people from the general population and 3 hard-to-engage populations (people with mental disorders, young adults, and rural and remote communities) to complete a self-report questionnaire. This questionnaire (to be completed online or offline) addresses: use, access and interest in mobile technologies, including openness to use a number of specific features of current and emerging mobiles applications; preferred mobile applications that they currently use; brief medical history; current psychological distress; health risk behaviours;  barriers to accessing health care; and treatment preferences.


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