Inroads: Trial of an innovative early intervention to Interrupt the cycle of anxiety and drinking in young Australians

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Anxiety and alcohol use disorders are two common and debilitating disorders that often co-occur. If left untreated, these conditions can fuel each other in a self-perpetuating cycle, leading to more severe symptoms and greater impairment. Typical onset of these disorders is between adolescence and early adulthood, with anxiety symptoms usually emerging earlier and marking a particular risk for harmful alcohol use and progression to alcohol use disorder. The unique challenges associated with the transition to adulthood, combined with the emergence of anxiety and alcohol use disorder symptoms, require a developmentally-targeted early intervention to empower young adults, enhance anxiety coping skills, and prevent the escalation of drinking.

The Inroads program, ( funded by Australian Rotary Health, is a therapist-supported, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)-based, internet-delivered early intervention for young adults aged 17 to 24 years that simultaneously targets anxiety symptoms, alcohol use, and the interconnections between them. The program has been adapted from our effective Combined Alcohol and Social Phobia (CASP) cognitive behavioural therapy program for adults. Participants complete five online skills-based modules over an 8-week period. Therapist support is provided via emails and text/phone contact providing personalised feedback, trouble-shooting, and activity suggestions aligned to module content.

The trial is currently recruiting participants. For more information or to enrol, visit:

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