iTreAD (internet Treatment for Alcohol and Depression) A randomised clinical trial of internet-based treatment for binge drinking and depression in young Australians.

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This project focuses on a common clinical problem that causes substantial functional, economic and health impacts: comorbid depression and binge drinking. These conditions are under-treated and peak in young adulthood. This project offers a low cost, wide reaching, youth-appropriate treatment, which will have profound implications for service design and health policy. It relates to current Commonwealth initiatives in e-health and e-Psychology.

We will directly target young people with comorbid depression and binge drinking behaviours and, for the first time, evaluate an internet-based psychological treatment program, augmented with peer-driven social networking. This program can easily be translated into primary care, clinical and real world settings for use by young people experiencing these conditions. With this study, we aim to:

  1. (1) Demonstrate that young people, aged 18-30 years, who are experiencing low mood and are binge drinking will engage with web-based treatments that target their multiple problems simultaneously;
  2. (2) Demonstrate that young people with these problems will benefit from web-based treatment targeting low mood and binge drinking simultaneously; and
  3. (3) Demonstrate the additional benefit of peer-led social influence on engagement and mood and binge drinking outcomes for young people, when offered in conjunction with a web-based treatment for these conditions.

We will examine the relative impact of:

  • (a) Monthly online self-assessment (OSA) for 12 months; OSA
  • (b) OSA + 12-months of access to a 4-week program of web-based intervention for binge drinking and depressed mood (DEpression ALcohol - DEAL); OSA + DEAL
  • (c) OSA + DEAL + 12-months access to a purpose-built social networking site (BreathingSpace); OSA + DEAL + BreathingSpace
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