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The aim of this project was to develop, test and deliver an illicit drugs resource package for use by teachers, parents, and high school students. The project included the development of information booklets as well as an interactive game for young people to teach them about the harms associated with illicit drugs. 

In 2013, focus groups were conducted with Year 10 students, parents and teachers to obtain feedback on the booklet content and design. This feedback was incorporated and final booklets were launched electronically in June 2014. In November 2014, 60 copies of the booklets were distributed to every secondary school in Australia. 

In 2013, student focus groups were conducted to gain feedback and suggestions for the development of an interactive drug education game. This student input informed development of the game “Pure Rush” in collaboration with the game development company 2and2. Pure Rush is targeted at Year 8-10 students and contains educational messages about the potential harms of cannabis, methamphetamine, hallucinogens and pills such as ecstasy. The game differs from the handful of existing drug education games in its use of  the popular “race” genre rather than role playing; and its emphasis on interactive learning, with characters experiencing the effects of any illicit drugs they collide with (e.g. cannabis slows them down). Focus testing with Year 9 students was conducted in 2014 with a prototype version and later the final game to gain feedback and assess benefits associated with gameplay. The game was released in June 2014, and can be played online, or installed as an app for iOS or Android. 

Access the drug education booklets for teachers, parents and students.

Access the Pure Rush interactive drug education game. 

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