How do we translate Research Investments into Clinical Outcomes in Australian Mental Health Services?

Whilst there is growing evidence about the barriers to evidence-based practice in mental health treatment, we understand little about what information clinicians actually use, or their ongoing information needs. This project aims to broaden the typical focus on individual professions and barriers to implementation, and develop an understanding of the information needs of all mental health clinicians in Australia to optimise the dissemination of research into clinical practice.

Project Status
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image - E. Crome
Dr Erica Crome
Postdoctoral Researcher
Funding Body
Macquarie University Research Development Grant
image - E. Crome
Dr Erica Crome
Postdoctoral Researcher
image - Andrew Baillie Sq
Chief Investigator
Ph M +61 417449817
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Director of Epidemiology Research
Ph +61 2 9385 0267
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Research Fellow
Ph +61 2 9385 0106

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