Healthy, wealthy and wise: The long-term effectiveness of a combined prevention model for anxiety, depression and substance use in adolescents.

The transition from adolescence to young adulthood is characterised by immense social and vocational change. Young adulthood also marks a period of increased use of alcohol and other drugs, heightened risk of harms associated with this use and onset of substance use and mental health issues. A young person’s ability to cope with these challenges can have a profound impact on their subsequent life-course, their communities and Australia’s economic future.


After following one the largest adolescent cohorts in Australia from year 8 to 10 within the ‘Climate Schools Combined’ project, the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise study presents a unique opportunity to continue to follow these individuals until 2021, as they make the critical transition from secondary school into early adulthood.  More specifically, this landmark study will allow the long-term durability and cost-effectiveness of school-based programs for substance use, anxiety and depression to be assessed.


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Prof Steve Allsop (Curtin); Dr Nyanda McBride (Curtin); Dr Mary-Lou Chatterton (Deakin); Dr Cathy Mihalopoulos (Deakin); Prof Leanne Hides (QUT); Catherine Quinn (UQ)

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