Positive Choices: National Drug Prevention Online Portal

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Positive Choices: National Drug Prevention Online Portal

Providing young people with up-to-date, evidence-based information and support is the best way to prevent the harms associated with drug and alcohol use.  The Department of Health have identified the need for a national portal to help school communities access evidence-based information and drug prevention programs.  The portal was developed in consultation with education and drug and alcohol experts, as well as target users (teachers, parents and students). Research literature and drug education websites were systematically reviewed to identify resources meeting pre-specified inclusion criteria for relevance and quality. The Positive Choicesportal was launched in December 2015 as part of the Australian Government’s drug education and prevention strategy. Regular review and scoping is conducted to ensure the information and resource database is up-to-date, and training opportunities are provided through the quarterly Positive Choices webinar series. Regular updates about relevant research and new resources are available via the subscriber newsletterfacebook and twitter accounts.

The portal is freely accessible at www.positivechoices.org.au.

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Australian Government Department of Health
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Senior Research Fellow
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Director of Prevention Research
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