An online toolkit to provide evidence-based information about crystal methamphetamine ('Ice') for the Australian community

Cracks in the ice

Phase 1: Development

The aim of this project is to develop and disseminate an online toolkit to improve access to evidence-based information about crystal methamphetamine (“ice”), raise awareness about the potential harms and mental health problems associated with the use of ice, and provide information about how to access services and support for the Australian community.

Scoping and content development for the Cracks in the Ice online toolkit was conducted in 2015, and initial end-user consultation was conducted in January 2016 to understand information needs about ice among the Australian community. A beta-version of the Cracks in the Ice toolkit was focus tested among end-users (including consumers, families and friends of people who use ice, health professionals, teachers and community groups) in August 2016. Cracks in the Ice is due to be launched in early 2017,For information and updates about the launch of the site, subscribe now at: or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Phase 2: Ongoing maintenance and development of Cracks in the Ice

The aim of this phase of the project is to to support the ongoing maintenance, development and promotion of the online toolkit. New resources will be added to further develop and enhance the content and functionality of the Cracks in the Ice toolkit including a Community Forum Toolkit and a smartphone application (‘app’). To enable end users to evaluate the usefulness of the online toolkit, a ‘Think Aloud’ evaluation will also be undertaken and new toolkit content will be developed on response to user questions and feedback

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